Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why i love and hate RIOT !

For the past 2-3 years i`ve been having a " relationship " with you Riot. It`s been love at first sight , but now i feel like we`ve been married for 30 years.And just when i`m starting to give up on you , you do smtg like this :
Master Yi FULL REWORK ! 
 Want more ? W8 for it !On second thoughts....let`s do this ! In an interview , Morello droped za bomb  : "Master Yi's slated for a visual upgrade and kit rework in a coming patch. In addition to a new model, more polished animations and expanded voice over, each of Yi's abilities are getting updates to address issues with his popular AP and AD builds. His kit should still feel familiar to both AP and AD enthusiasts, and we're hoping to retain most of the fun aspects of both playstyles. "

In other words ,  R.I.P. Ap MAster YI ! Fuck yeah !

  What's happening to AP Yi?
    While straight AP probably won't remain a prominent build, AP Yi players will find many of the familiar elements of their playstyle intact. While Alpha Strike and Meditate are scaled back so they're less overwhelming in lane, carefully managing your active abilities will play an important role in staying alive and maximizing your DPS. You'll also have the added power of AD Yi's basic attack to make up for your less devastating Alpha Strikes.

 Playstyle and Kit 

1.Alpha Strike 
Alpha Strike will have fixed travel time between bounces - so an Alpha Strike on 4 targets will give you a consistent time of untargetability, rather than being proximity based. This also means that your opponents will have a better sense of when you'll fade back in, so good luck on that.

    Alpha Strike has lost its AP ratio... for now. We're experimenting with some models here under-the-hood for a pure AP playstyle - unsure how it'll fully pan out.
    Alpha Strike now counts as movement for the purposes of items such as Statik Shiv. 
Meditate has changed from a flat armor / magic resistance boost to a % DR model as penetration was causing really weird damage potentials against what is supposed to be one of Yi's primary defense mechanisms.

    It also restores more health the lower health you have - meditating at lower health will provide a bigger damage buffer / health restore in general than meditating at high health.
3.Wuju Style
Wuju Style has been changed from a flat boost to a % boost in total attack damage. This smooths out his power curve a bit better based on how well he's doing throughout the game, rather than spiking early at around level 9 and then really needing to snowball off a couple kills to remain decent.

    Wuju's style's active now deals true damage based on a % of his total attack damage - Master Yi needs to be a threat, regardless of who he's attacking - but the damage difference between destroying squishy targets and piercing high armor targets was getting a bit absurd.

    In general, Wuju Style will add less attack damage early but more and more as he builds additional Attack Damage and ranking it. We've compensated some of this early damage loss with an increase in base statistics and survivability.
Highlander now has a passive/active component - the passive restoring basic cooldowns on kills and assists - while the active keeps the speed benefits that the original highlander had. Note, however, that Highlander will not reset itself passively or actively. 
5.Double Strike
 Double Strike has been retuned as a building-up paradigm. Every 4th attack, Master Yi's next attack will strike twice for 100% damage and 50% on the second hit - but he must use this additional double strike within the next couple of seconds - This also had some neat synergies with the retuned Alpha Strike and Wuju Style." 

When can we expect these Yi changes?:

    "Definately not 3.9 (next patch) but hopefully not too far off!"

Master Yi Reworked Skins : 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a desktop screenshot !

So i finally made Skyrim to run like i want it for some time now. I`m a HUGE TES fan , i`ve played Morrowind for a year str8 and i even played Oblivion , who in my book, is shite !
But just would not work for me with the DLC`s on ! Until NOW !
So here`s a screen of my Skyrim. Meet Shadow , a sexxy ranger/assassin red hair babe !

                                                            CLICK THE  PICTURE 2 ENLARGE IT =========>

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EA . . . just EA . . .

Lucas Arts sold the Star Wars francise to Disney.Why ? Cuz they are stupid and money hungry.And Disney is gonna make 3 new Star Wars movies...God help us all.
Moving on...guess who has the exclusive gaming rights for all the Star Wars game that are gonna be made ?  EA fuckin` games !
WHY ? What in GODs green fucking world poses Disney to give EA free 100% control to the gaming licences ?! And do you know what EA did in the first 5 minutes after gettin` the licences ?
It cancelled 2 games : Battlefront 3 [ the game was 100% complete !!!!!!!!!! All they had to do is put their shitty logo on the box !!!! ] and Star Wars 1313 who was 70% complete and it looked awesome !
Now...why am i so pissed...Could it be that EA has a bad reputation of buying smaller developers, taking their games, streamlining them for wider audiences and ripping out the soul of the original developers’ visions and obliterating the quality ? EA swears this isn’t the way they operate anymore, but they also said at this year’s E3 that they don’t resort to petty celebrity endorsements 5 minutes prior to bringing out a handful of football stars to play the new Madden. Obviously these guys don’t put much thought into their own words.

EA is a corporation that needs to make money. They want their games to appeal to the widest possible audience and they are not afraid to piss on the loyal fans in order to appeal to the mainstream market. Don’t believe me? Look at ME2 compared to ME1. It’s true that ME2 was an overall better experience than ME1 , but can you honestly deny that ME2 wasn’t overly streamlined? Didn’t it feel like ME2 lost that special spark that ME1 had? Okay, maybe you’re not convinced. Maybe I’m alone in feeling that ME2 lost something along the road. Maybe nostalgia is influencing my opinion. How about Dragon Age Origins compared to Dragon Age 2? I liked Dragon Age 2, but I can recognize that the game felt like it was made in a focus group. EA will throw out the big choices, the diverging gameplay, the well written story and everything else that make Mass Effect Mass Effect if it means they can secure a wider audience. DA2 was a commercial disappointment. ME3 needs to deliver the goods. If they don’t, EA will need to do what is financially appropriate. You see EA isn’t interested in the art of the game. They’re interested in the profit it can produce. Bioware thought that by joining EA they would have enough money to see their games become the complete masterpieces they deserve to be, so long as they make money. When art is dictated by money, often times, you end up with neither.

One thing that is also very interesting to me is how many long time Bioware employees have quit since they were bought by EA. Drew Karpyshyn Lead Writer of KOTOR and ME1, two of Bioware’s best written games, quit the company shortly after the EA buyout. He still is outsourced for writing assistance on SWTOR, but his involvement, from what I understand, is not official. Half of the writing staff of ME2 quit before the game was released (Karpyshyn, Chris L’Etoile, Brian Kindregan, and Luke Kristjanson was moved to the DA2 team). Lead Gameplay Designer for the Mass Effect series, Christina Norman recently quit as well. The Dragon Age Origins Project Director (I believe it was Brent Knowles, but I don’t quite remember) left Bioware because he claimed that under EA, Bioware is no longer making games he finds appealing. I’ve heard rumors that his departure is due to the fact that EA had gutted his baby, DAO and made it into DA2. Why are all of these fine and talented employees, each of which saying at one time that Bioware is one of the best places to work in the gaming industry, suddenly jumping ship? Switching gears real quickly, you remember that whole debacle about the reviews and Metacritic, right? Bioware employees were writing positive reviews for DA2 and negative reviews for its chief rival (and overall better reviewed) The Witcher 2. EA even demanded that Metacritic remove some of the negative reviews for DA2. Yeah, that was a PR dream come true, just not EA’s. Maybe Activison’s.

So yeah , EA is gonna make the Star Wars games ! Beyond epic !

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Blog....Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!

New blog...why  ? What happend to the old one ? Well....i got hacked.Lost all my emails , my steam account , my Uplay account , everything ! 
You know what didn`t get hacked ? Motherfucking skype ! It`s so fucking shitty nobody hacks it.
So yeah....same skype id for me !  For now at least....And maybe cuz of Trillian [  All Heil Trillian ! ] they didn`t get my yahoo-messenger-only-use account.

Anyway..i`m still online , still kicking , still cockslaping and making fun of retards !